Connect Cloud™

Connect Cloud enables your customers to remotely monitor their air-cooled generators from anywhere in the world.

Remote monitoring capability is integrated into Cummins air-cooled products without the need for additional equipment. Simple remote monitoring via a computer or mobile device lets your customer control their generator and observe its performance. Instructions regarding how to configure your air-cooled generator control for remote monitoring can be found in the generator Installation Manual.

Install the “Cummins Connect Cloud” app from Google®  Play Store or iOS ® App Store and review the demo to get familiarized with the App.

    Connect Cloud customer web portal:

    PowerCommand Cloud dealer/customer web portal:

Below are the steps to enable remote monitoring of air cooled generators by customer and dealer.

Power Command Setup Workflow

The procedure for Dealer PowerCommand Cloud registration can be found in the Dealer PowerCommand Cloud Registration Guide.

End customer Connect Cloud registration process is explained in the Connect Cloud End Customer onboarding video

Connect Cloud remote monitoring brochure can be found here.

After you register yourself as a dealer to Cummins PowerCommand Cloud, you can access and monitor any of your customer's connected generators.