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Manuals on Quick Service Online

OnlineElectronic versions of all technical literature are available on QuickServe Online (QSOL).QSOL is a service information website that provides access to all technical literature related to a specific product.  This site holds the most updated information for all our Cummins manuals, parts and warranty information.  In addition to model-specific information, QSOL also provides reference literature such as product support bulletins (PSB), application engineering, health & safety, recommendations for storage, and more. 

Access the Dealer Support Contact Manual here.

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You can request access to QSOL from your distributor. QSOL requires a user name and password for access. Please contact your local distributor if you have not received log-in information or access.

QSOL Functionality
Cummins Residential Product Information
Connect Series Liquid Cooled (Gas Products) kW Model Name
RS22 22 kW C22 N6
RS25 25 kW C25 N6
RS30 30 kW C30 N6
RS36 36 kW C36 N6
RS40 40 kW C40 N6
RS50 50 kW C50 N6
RS60 60 kW C60 N6
RS80 80 kW C80 N6
RS100 100 kW C100 N6
RS125 125 kW C125 N6
RS150 150 kW C150 N6
RX36 36 kW C30 N6H
RX36 36 kW C36 N6H
RX40 40 kW C40 N6H
RX45 45 kW C45 N6H
RX50 50 kW C50 N6H
RX60 60 kW C60 N6H
Connect Series Air Cooled (Gas Products) kW Model name
RS13A 13 kW C13 N6H
RS17A 17 kW C17 N6H
RS20A 20 kW C20 N6H
RS20AC 20 kW C20 N6HC
Compresion Ignited Products (Diesel Products) kW Model name
C60D6 60 kW C60 D6
C80D6C 80 kW C80 D6C
C100D6C 100 kW C100 D6C
Automatic Transfer Switches Amperage Model name
RA100 100 Amps RA100
RA200 200 Amps RA200
RA400 400 Amps RA400
RA100 Integrated 100 Amps RA112L1
RSS100 100 Amps RSS100
RSS200 200 Amps RSS200
OTEC125 125 Amps OTEC125
OTEC225 225 Amps OTEC225
OTEC400 400 Amps OTEC400
OTEC600 600 Amps OTEC600


Refer to QSOL common documents for the Warranty Administrator Manual (WAM) GLN A040W374. Currently shipping warranty statements are available on QSOL. Non current warranty statements are available in the Warranty Communications Data Base. See section 4.15 for information searching for current and past warranty statements.

Warranty claims will be filled through your local distributor.