5 Things to Remember About Using the Cummins Logo

The consistent representation of our brand is very important to assure that our customers will recognize Cummins’ presence and quality wherever they go to receive authorized support or buy Cummins products. As our ChannelOne Partner, you are empowered to represent the Cummins brand through your dealership and its promotional activities. When thinking about how to use the Cummins brand, here are five things to remember.

1. The Cummins logo is the primary symbol used worldwide to represent our company, our products and our people. It is a valuable asset that must be protected. The Cummins logo is a registered trademark and must include the registration symbol whenever possible to protect the brand and prohibit use of the logo by unauthorized parties.

2. In 2017, we announced a brand unification strategy. We consolidated our branding to utilize the Cummins logo on all products and marketing materials and retired the Cummins Power Generation and Cummins Onan logos.

3. A minimum clear space must be maintained around the Cummins logo. When pairing text such as dealership names/logos, positioning items to the left of the Cummins logo is preferable. The preferred minimum distance should be three widths of the Cummins logo. The two may only appear closer to each other if extremely small size restrictions require it, such as small advertising or signage space.

4. Do not condense, stretch, reshape, add to or alter the Cummins logo in any way. Do not use the logo or lockup in a sentence or as the letter “C” in a word. Do not allow other graphic shapes to touch or overlap the logo or lockup. Never add a box or other shape around the logo. The logo itself does not include a background and must not appear to.

5. The Cummins logo may be printed in black or white but cannot be printed red. Use black when the logo appears on a light background. Conversely, use white when the logo appears on a dark background. The logo cannot be reproduced in blue as it has been in the past.

Have questions? The Dealer Brand Standards are available on the ChannelOne portal and cover many aspects of branding, including co-branding and applications like advertising, vehicles and signage. Use this guide as a reference whenever you are developing marketing materials for Cummins products or services. The ChannelOne portal is also home to brand resources like marketing images, product images and logo art files.

By following these standards, you will help to ensure the logo, typography, color palette and all visual elements used are consistent and representative of the Cummins brand. Despite covering many aspects of the Cummins visual brand, there may be cases when you have a question not answered within this guide. For those situations, please contact your local Cummins dealer manager for specific branding inquiries. Cummins brand experts can also be reached by sending a message to

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