Earn $100 Visa gift card by connecting us with your customers for a testimonial!

Earn $100 Visa gift card by connecting us with your customers for a testimonial! And participating customers will receive Cummins swag valued at $100. Act fast, as this offer is limited to the first 10 dealers. Email with customer contact details to get the process started.

During our Hurricane Prep Week social media campaign, we saw very high engagement from stories featuring our customers and their experiences with Cummins home standby generators. (If you haven’t already seen these stories, take a look here!) 

We want to equip you with more of these stories to share with prospective customers. We’re looking for customers to discuss the following topics:

  1. Purchase decision process – a customer that can share his/her experience in evaluating different brands, choosing Cummins and the experience so far
  2. Find the right size product – a customer that can share his/her experience in evaluating different options when it comes to generator sizing and why he/she has decided to power their whole house or certain appliances only
  3. Extended outages – a customer that ran a Cummins generator through an extended power outage lasting several days
  4. Different installations and costs – several customers to illustrate how the cost of having a whole house generator varies based on the homeowner’s unique needs
  5. The value generator added to the house – a customer that has bought a Cummins generator and has observed an increase in value for his/her house

At a minimum, we expect to have a call to interview the customer. If the customer story is really engaging, we might also consider meeting the customer in person with our video or photo crew. 

$100 Visa gift card will be issued once the customer agrees to have the content published.

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