Cummins Homes and Small Business Pricing Announcement

ChannelOne Partners,

Cummins products are highly price competitive in the Home and Small Business (HSB) markets and we strive to sustain our pricing proposition. We are also continuing to be impacted by rising costs. We have absorbed some of these costs with improved efficiency in Q1 2019. Given the level of ongoing cost pressure, Cummins will execute a price adjustment.

Effective September 1, 2019, HSB product categories will see dealer price, MSRP and MAP changes. All tier levels are affected, and new price lists will be available from your dealer manager on Aug. 6, 2019. Accessory and Automatic Transfer Switch pricing remains unchanged at this time.

Please be mindful that these price lists are confidential and should not be shared outside of the ChannelOne network.

Karla Haack
CSSNA Sales Director, Homes and Small Business Generators

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