Changes to Cummins Homes & Small Business Certification Training

Cummins’ intent and desire is to have the most capable channel selling, installing and servicing our Home & Small Business product line. We recognized that our training processes were not consistent across North America and have taken steps to correct that. Effective immediately we will have three certification levels for you to choose from:

  • Sales – 8 ½ hours – online
  • Installation – 9 ½ hours – online
  • Repair – 17 ½ hours – online in addition to a 5 day classroom course with optional online training for portables and one day classroom for diesel

All training is broken down into several individual courses and can be taken as time allows. All of the content in the previous training paths remains the same and any courses you have previously taken will still be valid. In order to provide you with some additional learnings on some features and benefits of the Cummins line, some new online training has been added to the levels.

To assist you with this change, please see the list of frequently asked questions. Also within this document is a link to review what courses are required at each of the levels (enable macros when opening.) Please contact your dealer manager if you have any  questions regarding these changes and to determine what additional courses, if any, are required to keep your desired certification level.

We continue to strive to provide you with the most relevant content in the most economical way so that you can provide our customers exceptional service. Thank you for your continued support.

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