Guidance on Consumer Wholegoods Picked Up at Cummins Branches

We understand that for a variety of reasons it may be preferable for our Customers to pick up their orders at a Cummins branch. It is necessary, both for the proactive movement of inventory and timely receipts and invoicing, that there are guidelines around how long the product remains at the branch before pickup. This document and the below outlines those guidelines.

1. Sales Support will notify the customer via email when product arrives at the designated branch.

  • The responsible Account Executive will be copied
  • Customer PO number and product received will be noted
  • An order that is not complete will not be reason to not pick up what has arrived
  • If partial shipment is not preferred direction should be given at time of order placement to ship direct, COMPLETE, from Fridley. (Order grouping = 1)

2. Customer will have one week to communicate a date they intend to pick up the product.

  • Pickup date cannot be longer than 3 weeks or 21 days.
  • 24-hour notice must be given to the branch before pickup
  • Invoicing is due at time of pickup.
  • If Customer does not have a charge account with Cummins, payment is due at time of pickup. Please allow processing time for this.
  • The Customer is responsible for ensuring they have available credit to allow for invoicing.
  • Non-payment or non-invoicing will result in product not being released.

3. One reminder email will be sent if the product is not picked up within the communicated timeframe. No response will be subject to cancellation and product will be released into stock. New orders will be placed to standard leadtimes. Multiple reminders may result in suspension of the service.

Please contact your account executive if you have any questions.

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