Cummins Apparel and Merchandise

Guidelines for Cummins-Branded Apparel and Merchandise

The Cummins PowerStoreis your main source for purchasing Cummins merchandise and promotional items. Check the Cummins PowerStoreto see if the product you want to purchase is already in stock for the quantity you need.

Specialty or custom merchandise can also be ordered from one of our approved suppliers. If you need to place a custom order, contact one of the suppliers below. Be aware that custom artwork requests may incur additional costs. All custom artwork must adhere to Cummins Brand Standards.

Supplier Contact Information:

Katie Bauer |
973-917-3100 ext. 105 (office)
973-303-6301 (mobile)

BDA Inc.
Cindi Jones |
812-376-4742 (office)
812-343-4286 (mobile)

Magon Works |
812-592-1051 (office)

Guidelines for Cummins and Partner Co-Branded Apparel and Merchandise

It is recommended that ChannelOne Partners use one of Cummins approved suppliers listed above to create and order custom co-branded apparel and merchandise. However, when this is not possible, it is important to note that all merchandise, whether ordered from a Cummins-approved supplier or a non-approved supplier, must adhere to Cummins Brand Standards. In addition to the brand standards for correct usage of the Cummins logo, here is additional guidance for co-branding on merchandise:

Merchandise Standards / Co-Branding

When placing two partner logos on shirts or jackets, place one logo on each breast.

Having both logos displayed together on a shirt is adequate to show that the companies are working together. When logos are placed side-by-side, there can be confusion created about the independent status of each company.

Exceptions may be granted if the partner insists, but the preferred arrangement is to let each logo have separate but equal placement.


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