Dealer Facility Signage

While your business may work with many suppliers, there are often advantages to representing your dealership brand in conjunction with the Cummins brand. This co-branding approach allows you to leverage the equity of the Cummins brand for promoting custom service lines and selling genuine Cummins products. Facility signage is just one of the ways to visually associate your dealership with Cummins.

2’ and 4’ Cummins-branded illuminated signs are available through ISF Signs in Indianapolis, IN. Full-service dealers are required to have a 4’ illuminated sign, while repair only dealers are required to have a 2’ illuminated sign. To place an order for dealer signage:

  1. Complete the order form

  2. Email completed form with approved PO

ISF can work with local sign makers on installation.

Facility signage can be claimed under the ChannelOne Rewards Program Co-op plan. Production costs of Cummins-branded signage order through Cummins’ supplier(s) will be reimbursed at 80%; materials ordered through non-approved suppliers cannot be claimed. The following documents must be submitted with your claim:

  1. Invoice/credit card statement

  2. Photo/example of the material