Remote Monitoring Solutions

Cummins offers Connect CloudTM and PowerCommand CloudTM remote monitoring solutions to meet both dealer and end customer needs.  PowerCommand Cloud is used by dealers for fleet monitoring, and by end customer for monitoring of liquid cooled generators.  Connect Cloud is used by end customers for air cooled generator monitoring.  Both solutions are offered without any subscription fee. 

A small battery backup or UPS on the customers internet router is recommended to ensure the generator's connection to the cloud is not compromised during an outage or transfer test, and no notifications are missed.

Air-cooled generator customers must authorize their dealer to access their generator before it can be added to a dealer's PowerCommand Cloud account.

See the below table for a summary of the differences when configuring Cummins generators for remote monitoring, and use the left hand navigation for detailed instructions and reference information for Connect Cloud and PowerCommand Cloud.



Liquid Cooled Generators

Air Cooled Generators


External Hardware required



Internet Connection*

Ethernet, Wi-Fi or Cellular*


Mobile Application

Android and iOS

Android and iOS

Event notifications text/email



Remote Start Capability



End User Monitoring Website

Dealer Monitoring Website