Removal of stop ship for most Light Commercial liquid cooled gas product

Stop ship has been removed for most Light Commercial liquid cooled gas product


The current stop ship for Light Commercial liquid cooled gas product has been removed on all models except the 60 kW (see lists below). The stop ship will be removed September 16th.



Details of Announcement

A stop ship that was placed on the Light Commercial liquid cooled gas gensets to investigate possible high crank case pressures. These high pressures could cause the dipstick to unseat during operation and oil could leak out of the dipstick tube. After our testing, it has been determined there are very unique cases were this event could happen. Going forward, all production units will have an additional crank case breather line with a check valve installed to greatly reduce the chance of high crank case pressures. The majority of the product in the field will not need to have this additional hose assembly installed. A Product Service Bulletin will soon be released to give more information about this issue and to help you determine if you should add this update to gensets in the field.


The 60 kW nodes remain on the stop ship, as more testing is needed. More announcements will be released when updates are available.


Stop Ship Removed On:

C20 - C40 N6

C30 - C50 N6H

RS22 - RS40

RX30 - RX50

Factory Image